Unified Uniforms was brought to life by our team, with the vision of creating everyday pieces that have our key messaging in a more subtle, classic and timeless way — the essentials to the KOI Uniform. 

Our slogans and messages are the values that fuel the movement, the brand, and the people. This is truly our lifestyle. Reppin' Immigrants on our backs, Spread Love on our sleeves and Support Your Friends on our chest. Wearing KOI with pride as a badge of honor and a celebration of our roots. A universal message of love and a unifying uniform that brings people from all walks of life together who align on the things that matter the most.

Styled by our role models, K.O, Ebichi, Sisi, and Jenn, we wanted to give them the opportunity to plug our Unified Uniforms essentials in their everyday fits. With style and LOVE, this is for the people by THE PEOPLE.