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Y.SRV__ Collection

Y.SRV__ Collection The quote "We are the leaders we have been waiting for," is one of the powerful statements at the center of Kids Of Immigrants core. We are the change we wish to see and it's up to us to pay it forward for the next generation. For this capsule we teamed up with Y.SRV__, a creative collective we believe is helping push this message forward in their own unique way. Y.SRV__ is a first generation brotherhood of African kids using their creativity to bridge the gap between Africa and America to promote unity amongst the global diaspora. Leaning back into their heritage K.O., Obi and Ebichi update the idea of the National Youth Service Corps, a government program...

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Unified Uniforms

Unified Uniforms was brought to life by our team, with the vision of creating everyday pieces that have our key messaging in a more subtle, classic and timeless way — the essentials to the KOI Uniform.

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Holiday 2022 Collection

Our commUNITY is cut from different fabrics, but together we make a beautiful whole. This holiday season we cooked up some special things with you all in mind. Brought to life by our dear friend Angella Choe and her lovely family and friends. This is commUNITY, this is family, this is KOI! Interview by Evelyn Gonzales Photos by Angella Choe This past year, we’ve grown in unimaginable ways. As we continue to move forward in our journey as a brand, our main goal remains: to highlight the stories of kids of immigrants in our communities. Our CMO, Debbie, had the pleasure of meeting Angella Choe at a heartfelt dinner hosted by Generó Neutral a couple of months ago. Fast forward...

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