Afer having an amazing 2016 Small Business Saturday, we wanted to make sure that we did it again 2017. Small Business Saturday is all about supporting our locals in Los Angeles. There are several businesses that we support at least once a week. From where we eat, to where get our production made, embroidery, coffee, etc. These local business have alway been a main part of our daily motivation. Most being kids of immigrants or immigrants, we connected to their hustle and strive to create heritage.

We visited our local businesses and gifted them KOI pieces and asked if we can promote their business for our Small Business Saturday launch. To see the smile and excitement in their faces to participate in our Small Business Saturday, really made our launch successful.

Although we are all from different countries, cultures and families, the immigrant hustle is all the same. We all support each other, they help us with our business while we help them with their business. Thank you all for supporting!!