Six months into our brand, Small Business Saturday was approaching and we felt right at home. As a small business, we got together and made a plan to launch our classic collections in all new colors. We had made 10 new pieces, new colors in ‘Spread LOVE” “Do The Best You Can” Belts, “Freedom NOW” Long Sleeves and “Support Your Friends” hoodies. It was the first time we dropped this many pieces in a single release. We were super excited and worked all throughout Thanksgiving to have everything ready for Friday, the day before Small Business Saturday.

We decided to shoot outside and set up the collection with a street vendor vibe. While shooting, a beautiful lady, stopped by and asked us question about what we were doing. She told us about her story, being the first in her family to move to US, she then helped over 60 family member immigrate here and purpose in life was to give. To live is give she said.

She put us in such high spirits and we knew that everything was meant to happen just as it is.