To create ‘FREEDOM NOW’, we delved back into our roots, back to the “trap house,” and began creating one­of­ a­kind unique pieces. We’ve always been inspired to create whatever we wanted; without barriers, without fear. We believe if true inspiration takes time, so does the production. Our process, technique and attention to detail show hand craftsmanship and ingenuity in each piece, something that has become hand­sewn and engraved into our still growing brand. Each piece has a story; made with love, passion and imperfections. After deconstructing, repurposing and remastering dozens of pieces, we were ready to showcase.

Special Thanks: Photographer - Adam Elramly & Friends - Erika, D Cam, Nathaniel, Jahaan, Destin, Bertie, Baron, Rosie, Gaby, Debbie, Donny V and everyone else who participated. Nothing but LOVE made this happen.